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Medford Fuel has been serving the residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural needs of the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon since the 1920's.


Mobilgas advertisement, 1956

On November 1, 1964, Bill and Patsy Terpening moved to Medford with their family to take over the Mobil Oil Consignee position located at the old General Petroleum Bulk Plant. In 1967, they purchased Medford Fuel, a heating oil company supplying Southern Oregon since the 1920's, in order to balance the winter slump. At the time, the Medford Fuel office was located on the corner of McAndrews and Court Street, where the Rodda Paint store is now. They added the Valley Rental U-Haul dealership for summer work in 1967. Bill moved their expanding offices to 2121 South Pacific Highway, where Les Schwab Tires is today, as Medford Fuel - Valley Rental. Narrowing the business back to fuel, the Terpenings moved the office back to the old General Petroleum Plant / Mobil Bulk Plant at 936 South Central. In 1980, Bill and Patsy purchased the Mobil Oil Distributorship as we are today!

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From wood and heating fuel, rentals, service station delivery, General Petroleum, Mobil Oil, to BP Oil / Tosco Oil, and Pacific Pride, Medford Fuel has seen many diverified products and brands sold through its name, but what remains the same is, "Bill Terpening's Medford Fuel." It has provided Southern Oregon with quality service and products for much of the past century, and will continue to do so well into the next.

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